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From rtmipoh@po.jaring.myWed Jan 15 16:05:39 1997
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 13:47:02 +0800
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Subject: HNET* New UMNO Youth leaders line-up...more Islamic??

Assalamualaikum netters semua... Perbincangan pasal siapa benar makin hangat..Teruskan perbincangan dengan penuh hikmah dan kesabaran.. Ana nak qoutekan petikan dari The Star (15 Jan 97) yg berkaitan dengan ketua pemuda UMNO yg baru...

"They are much more Islam-oriented than those purely shrouded by Malay nationalism," comment from former PMS 46's information chief Ahmad Shabery Chik.

"I know most of them...I think many of those who are strongly inclined towards nationalism are still there," comment from Former acting UMNO Youth chief datuk nazri aziz. Nazri said even if it was true Islamic-oriented members were in the movement, they would not be able to do a major overhaul to change UMNO's struggle on nationalism. "My argument is simple...when (DPM-Datuk seri) Anwar Ibrahim took over the helm of UMNO youth 1980s, everyone spoke of the Abimisation of the movement, but instead I believe it is Anwar who has been UMNO-nised," added Nazri.

Shaberi Chik said the predicament was that UMNO and its wings had always been associated with malay nationalism."Changing it into a movement associated with Islam will only reflect that it has finally succumbed to PAS' struggle and before long, the party will also fall into the orthodoxy of Islam as propagated by its political rival," Shabery argued.

"Things have changed. In early 1970s, UMNO and PAS united under Barisan Nasional for the sake of malay survival in the aftermath of the May 13 incident. At that time PAS' struggle was a combination of malay mationalism and Islam while UMNO's was solely malay nationalism. It was malay nationalism that had then united the parties as that was the similarity they shared. In the present malay political scenario, PAS had, over the years, shed the struggle of malay nationalism while UMNO had added Islam to its pursuits. By the same principles of what happened in the 1970s, Islam will be the common factor and it shall become the unifying factor for UMNO and PAS" . this comment mde by Saifuddin Nasution, UMNO youth movement secretary (once a PAS member).

Sekian utk tatapan sekelian.

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